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Check Ups and Cleaning:

Dentist Teeth Cleaning

Teeth cleaning and regular check ups are a part of good oral health. We check for cavities, gum problems, lumps and bumps and check up on how well you are doing with your own oral cleaning habits.

Children at age 1 are recommended to have their first dental check up. We can get acquainted, have fun counting teeth while riding in the big chair and most important, we can educate parents, watch for habits and problems that if neglected, can result in future treatment and expense.

For Parents: Primary and Baby Teeth

People who have moderate to advanced gum problems may need a visit every 3-4 months.Those with reasonable home care and good dental health may be seen every 9-12 months. The spotless patient may only need to be seen every 12-24 months. Home care is usually the key element.

Teeth Cleaning is also scheduled according to your personal and specific needs.

Your check up may include many or all of these points:

Deep Teeth cleaning

We will remove any buildup of plaque and tartar that has built up between your teeth or in your gums to prevent cavities from developing. This is done with a variety of teeth cleaning tools, including scaling tools, polishing tools and with flossing.

Dental X-rays

We use lead drapes, very low levels of radiation and the least number of x rays to tell us what we need to care for you. X rays peer into areas the eyes cannot see, without them we may be missing important information.

Cavity Detection

We check all your fillings for leaks and chips, and check for new cavities.

Gum Assessment

We measure for gum recession, bone loss due to gum disease, bleeding gums and check for loose teeth.

Bite Assessment

Your bite is the way your teeth mesh, and like gears that grind, a mismatched bite can damage your teeth, jaw joints and the muscles that move them.

Jaw Joint and Muscle Assessment

This assessment tells us if your muscles are too tight from misuse, or if damage is occurring to your joints.

Cancer and General Health Screening

Your mouth can develop bumps or disease so we look for that. You mouth can reveal things like acid reflux, diabetes, bleeding problems and some hormone imbalances.