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Replacement Tooth and Dental Trauma

Need a replacement tooth? Here at Belleville Dentistry, Dr. Paul, Dr. Hern and the team do everything possible to prevent tooth loss but when it happens, we have many dental solutions for each situation. Please view the informational video.

When a tooth is lost, your ability to chew is reduced. A missing front tooth can be a social embarrassment. You can get a replacement tooth in several ways:

1. Implant .... see the implant page.

Partial Dentures

These are the lowest cost and work well but do require wearing a metal or acrylic appliance with clips or wires to hold things in place.

It is VERY important to keep these appliances and the teeth they rest on, clean at all times. Dentures should be removed at night.

replacement tooth option 1    Partial Plate Upper    replacement tooth through a partial plate


The third and more comfortable replacement is a Bridge. This looks and feels more like your own tooth. Read More about a Bridge here.

Dental Bridge      Dental Bridge variation