Filling Materials

Filling materials used today have come a long way. Rarely do we use silver amalgam, instead we use tooth coloured composite resin. This material can be bonded to teeth using recent advances in resin bonding chemistry .

Experience is showing that these resin fillings stand up well over time and have the added benefit , because they are bonded, of reinforcing a weakened tooth.

Other materials which are used to repair teeth are cast gold inlays, or porcelain inlays or on occasion , silver amalgam.

Why do I have a temporary filling?

Should your tooth develop a very deep cavity, but the tooth is still alive, a technique called indirect pulp capping gives the tooth 3-4 months to “heal” from the cavity. We are trying to avoid endodontic treatment( root canal) This technique uses a zinc oxide and eugenol filling material that seals medication in the tooth. These fillings must be replaced in 3-4 months and often can save you extra treatment

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