These drugs are prescribed by your MD for osteoporosis. Didrocal, Fosomax, Didronel and other brands , all affect the turnover and healing of bone. Some patients have areas of non healing bone ( NECROSIS) in their jaws after minor dental surgery. There is much to learn still about this , but recommendations currently are to have any elective surgery done 3-6 months before going on this drug, as its effects seem to be quite long term, 10 years or perhaps longer. If treatment is required you will need to stop your bisphosphonates 3- 6 months before treatment for :


Periodontal surgery

Implants ( generally discouraged when on this drug)

BRONJ ( bisphosphonate related ossteo-necrosis of the Jaws) may never heal , and have occasionally occurred spontaneously. We recommend you dialogue with your MD , have regular bone scans , and take this drug only if you must, not "in case".