We are committed to staying current with new technologies that have an established track record. These technologies can make your visit shorter, easier and quieter.

We use LASER technology for both tooth preparation, and for gum treatment. The lasers use an infrared light in very short pulses so heat doesn’t build up while the treatment is underway. The process is quieter than conventional treatment, and your gums heal more quickly with less swelling than traditional techniques.

The LASER treatment isn’t for every situation and can’t be used to remove old silverfillings, however in the right situation it is vibration free.

Kinetic Cavity Preparation uses high pressure air and 27 micron powder (very fine) to quickly and quietly clean up an area of decay ,often no anaesthesia is needed. This works best in cavities that occur in the grooves on top of your back teeth, a very common area for children and young adults to get decay.

Filling Materials are changing constantly, white filling materials have almost completely replaced metal for restoring teeth.

Crowns can now be made from a zirconium based porcelain that has strength close to metal.

The adhesives and white filling materials we use to repair your tooth are also changing and improving year by year.