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Dental Implants

dental implant

Congratulations, you are considering an dental implant - dentistry's finest and most natural replacement of a lost tooth.

We use the industry leader in innovation and research, Nobel Biocare implants. These implants are a threaded pure titanium insert that replace the lost root of a tooth.The most current developments allow us in many circumstances to do keyhole surgery leaving an implant in place with much less healing than the original extraction.

In the areas that have nerve or sinus structures,you may require a CAT scan to allow a 3 dimensional image of your jaw to be loaded into our computer and an optimum location found for your implant, eliminating any guesswork and reducing the risk of damage to another wise hidden structure such as your lower mandibular nerve.

We will need to see you to make models of your teeth and gums, and a panoramic X ray. At that time we decide whether you need a CAT scan. This scan is available only in Toronto or Montreal as OHIP will not make CAT scans available to patients in these circumstances.

You will see Dr. Sid Fireman at Yonge and St.Claire in Toronto, he is a dental Radiology specialist. At that visit you will take a special appliance to wear during the CAT scan, this appliance must be worn or the CAT scan can't be used.

We will schedule you for surgery, usually an hour, at which time either a surgical guide made by CADCAM for the CAT scan, or if the scan isn't needed, an acrylic guide to show where your new tooth should be, will be used to locate the ideal spot for your new root. The site is carefully prepared to receive the new root you will be draped and your skin washed with a disinfectant,which may be new to you at the dentist office, to ensure the dental implant remains sterile as it is placed.

In situations where the bone is solid enough to hold the implant immediately, we may be able to place a temporary tooth. If not, a healing cap is placed for 3-6 months while the bone heals and grows into your implant.Once ready, we take an impression of your implant and make a new tooth for you in the form of a porcelain crown that screws into the implant.

These implants carry a 10 year warranty from the company Nobel Biocare, that includes the cost of the replacement implant. Replacement here at this office will include the crown if the implant fails. Fracture of the porcelain crown does not carry a warranty, because, though very durable,porcelain can be broken easily by impact from a hard object,or inappropriate use of the tooth(such as nail biting, pens,grinding at night) We strongly recommend a night guard if you are grinding at night (bruxism).

All such surgery carry usual inherent risk. You should be aware that you may experience post operative bleeding, infection, bruising or tenderness that may last 3-4 days.Such complications aren't generally difficult to resolve with proper attention. Please call if you experience problems.We use every precaution to avoid areas of the sinus and mandibular nerve, but in rare cases the lower jaw nerve may experience temporary or permanent numbness (paresthesia) if the implant is nearby.

You may need a graft to provide adequate bone if you have been missing a tooth for many years. This would be referred to a specialist should the need arise.The implants we use now have an overall success rate around 90%, higher in the lower jaw, due to better bone quality. If your implant should be one to fail, it must be removed and replaced. 

It can take approximately 3 months for the bone to heal. As is the case with all dentistry, home care and cleanliness are more important than anything else. Failure to maintain and clean your dental implant may lead to failure of the implant itself. Implants are more resistant to this than your original teeth are, but it is still very important. Patients with diabetes, poor infection resistance, or other serious illness may have more trouble with an implant failing to heal.

Dr. William J. Hern

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