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Belleville Dentist - Dr Ajay Pauldr ajay paul belleville dentist

Dr Ajay Paul was raised in Bangalore, India and completed his BDS degree in 2006. He further studied Dentistry at the University of Toronto, Canada. Being one of the youngest foreign trained graduate in his class with a BDS and a DDS degree, Dr Paul has a very proactive outlook towards dental treatment. His goal is preventive care for not only decay, but also towards maligned teeth, gum disease, etc. 

In short what all this means to his patients is that he strives to make sure all their vacations stay as dental emergency free as possible!

Dr Paul has practiced in the Quinte area for 3 years now and brings experience with all phases of dentistry. Along with general dentistry, Dr Paul offers:
-Wisdom teeth extraction.
-Conventional gum surgery
-Pinhole gum surgery (only 1700 dentists in the world perform this life changing and minimal surgical procedure as of 2016. This procedure is actually called the huggable procedure because of how little pain it causes for such tremendous gain!)

When not busy practicing quality dentistry, Dr Paul and his wife, being new parents, spend all their time practicing quality parenthood with their one year old son.

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